Wild Life

SlySoul De Prod ZA and RawgSheq the Deejay came together and started working on tracks together for future prospects. This is one of those that they felt was ready to go out and meet the world.

Along the way, ChezK stepped in to add some flavour to intensify the track.

At the beginning of it all, the track was titled “Between Spaces” as it was the outcome of a task that was completed between different spaces of emotions and production days.

At a later stage, the songbird Cynthia “Cynthiz” Moumakwe flew in to the Rawgland studio in Pretoria North. Fun filled day as creativity was the only¬† lure, the producers were enjoying playing the melodies as she inhaled, and words came out. Gently reminding us of how wild life can be, while drawing a picture with music.

A completely new life was created and thus the track got re-titled and as wild as its creation, Wild Life was born.

The track was released on the 09th November 2018 and is available in most online stores including, but not limited to:

Rawgland Online, Beatport, iTunes, Trackitdown.net and many more.