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The record label is one of the core functions of our company. Home recording done right yields great results.

Music Production

Authoring and creation of musical beats for various genres.

Audio Recording

Recording and manipulation of audio into an audible musical track.


Mixing and mastering. Audio frequency filtering and cleaning.

Icons by Creative Mahira

Home-brewed and refined

Meet Our People

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RawgSheq the Deejay

Producer | Deejay | Artist | Actor

Rasta Bash

Artist | Fine Art | Tattoo Artist

Latest News

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Lupa Afrika Production, known for their tech and progressive house and the man Lupa Afrika behind the wheel, started working with RawgSheq the Deejay on two songs. One was released under Lupa Afrika Production and was titled "Out of time" which is available at Beatport.

This gospel and jazz infusion, is built with multiple guitar melodies which he played himself. To learn more about this mix of African heritages of how we praise God, he used both Lingala and Swahili to deliver this message.

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music publishing

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Anyone can easily release music digitally, without the help of record labels.

Although this is true, the need to ensure correct information is captured in accordance to the country’s governing laws is still major. This can ensure maximum collection on royaties.

We are a fully registered publisher and maintain membership with major collecting societies in our country. This keeps us efficient.