Music Production


Released on: May 18, 2020


At Rawgland, music production is one of the key ingredients into making us who we are. We compose and produce new exhilarating music. Using our own writing skills, we work with different artists from the industry to create great, easy to listen music. We hold sessions with prominent artists where we use creative techniques and strategies to write, produce and create an entirely new blend.

Our production team is always sharpening its skill to incorporate new styles, technology and influences to ensure our product is always, fresh and current. This always comes to play when assisting new artists who are still building their confidence in writing or producing.

We work to international standards and will create a radio ready master for you or to your requirement.

We assist independent artists and labels with digital distribution and publishing of music to online stores like iTunes and Apple Music, Beatport, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon and many others.


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Beat / instrumental creation, Vocal recording (Own beat), Vocal recording (Created beat), Mixing & Mastering, Full Song (Creation of beat, recording of vocals, mixing and mastering)