Our story

About Us

Rawgland is a 100% black-owned independent record label based in Booysens, West of Pretoria, in South Africa.

Other than the normal label services, we also provide creative digital services to assist our clients of artists, labels and individuals.

We’ve set our vision to continuous growth and embracing change, to ensure we get the best for our people and clients.

Our mission of providing opportunities to upcoming and underprivileged artists, independent artists and labels by using all technology available to us has remained the same throughout the years.

Officially opened our doors in 2014, and started building the foundation for future generation of artists and musicians.

Self publishing and distribution of music has become easily accessible to all, but still remains a process that requires serious understanding and management.

We ensure our artists and clients have the time they need to be creative and do what they do best while we take care of the paper work.

We maintain an updated membership with collection societies which enables us to publish music to any platform available. 

We always give what we do an extra personal touch, thus our motto,

     it’s business, it’s personal…”