Independent Record Label

Who We Are

Welcome to Rawgland, our independent record label based in Pretoria, Gauteng.

Founded in 2014 by Mr. Mokgalatladi Kanye, we are a 100% black-owned label, focused on providing a platform for upcoming artists, musicians, producers, and beatmakers.

We’re passionate about music and believe every artist deserves a chance to showcase their talent regardless of their background.

With our years of experience and expertise, we help to cultivate budding artists, giving them the support they need to thrive.

Our label is committed to developing and promoting exceptional sound through carefully crafted albums, EPs, and singles.

We work with our artists to ensure quality music is produced that is reflective of their personal style and creative abilities.

We strive to remain unique in our approach and vision, ensuring that each artist has an individual space to share their music and tell their story.

Rawgland Timeline

Front Yard Ciphers

A group of youngsters would gather in the front yard of the founder’s yard, with a Bluetooth speaker exchanging freestyles and testing each other’s skill.

Friday Sessions

Friday afternoons were dedicated to large speakers in front of the garage and some old microphones with long wires while youngsters threw rhymes over some crazy beats.

Mix Tapes & Gigs

We started creating mixtapes with Kookfood Music when the idea fully developed to create Rawgland as an alternative label. Gigs here and there to promote ourselves and introduce Rawgland.


Finally, all pieces were in place and was ready for the move. Rawgland was registered as a company with the DTI (now, CIPC) and made its first real foundation in Pretoria North.

9 Years Of Experience In Entertainment Business

From a simple street cipher on the corners of Kempton Park, through the parks and later at home in the yard. The place become our music home and Rawgland emerged.