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About Rawgland

Rawgland Entertainment first started as a street performers corner then moved into a yard movement. It provided venues for upcoming artists and musicians alike to perform and showcase their skill in hip/hop and rap, dance, instrument play and other related and also served as a platform for networking.

It was finally registered as a company in October 2014 with the “Company and Intellectual Property Commission” (CIPC) formerly known as CIPRO.

From the get go, we’ve made it our mission to focus on unique, versatile and talented individuals by dedicating our time and resources in finding the art in our artists.

Our vision is to stand out from the rest, by being consistent and keeping to our craft without fear.

Our Concept

Is to invest in unlocking potential of talented individuals and turn them into future artists.

Interface Integration

We utilise world-class technology for our designs and interfaces to speak for themselves and give best results.


We customise to the need, and we apply industry standards so we work on solid foundations.

Easy to use

Simplification of services for easy access, education and knowledge-sharing. We forge our own paths…


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