Ras Bash

From: Boipatong, Gauteng (RSA) Rasta Bash is a performing artist, an actor and a prolific dancer. He was born Moses “Bashnee” Senokoane in Boipatong, Gauteng where he grew up dancing on the streets from as young as 10 years.

Bihojo Isaya

From: Uvira Kalundu (DRC) BIHOJO Isaya is a singer / songwriter and guitarist. He was born in Uvira Kalundu, south of Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. At the age of 10, he developed the love for music and …

RawgSheq the Deejay

From: Boipatong, Gauteng (RSA) RawgSheq (real name: Mokgalatladi Kanye) is a professional dj who perfected his dj skills at Soul Candi Institute of Music. He is a producer and performing artist, a rapper and actor as well as a songwriter.

Journey EP

Journey EP is a single track remix album (Extended Play) by Daddy D of Dirtydogz Records in collaboration with our own RawgSheq the Deejay. The music was originally composed in Boipatong at Dirtydogz Records, and was later brought to Rawgland …

Wild Life

SlySoul De Prod ZA and RawgSheq the Deejay came together and started working on tracks together for future prospects. This is one of those that they felt was ready to go out and meet the world.Along the way, ChezK stepped in to add some flavour to intensify the track.At the beginning of it all, the track was titled “Between Spaces” as it was the